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File Online at home

Prepare your tax returns with the following free online software programs! All software programs are fast and safe and can e-File and direct deposit.  

Free Online Software Links

 Intuit TurboTax Freedom Edition

Income limits:

  • Qualify for EITC, OR
  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) up to $34,000, OR
  • Active duty military with AGI up to $66,000

State Filings: Free state filings for up to 4 states.
Have Income not on a W-2? Click here to see if your forms are free.

Intuit TurboTax



    • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $55,000 or less AND Age 56 or younger
    • OR Qualify for EITC,
    • OR Active military wiht AGI $66,000 or less

State Filings: Free state filings.
Have income not on a W2? Click here to see if your forms are free.

FreeTaxAct Free File


Income Limits: Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) up to $66,000 in 2018

State Filings: Free state filings up to 3 states.

What forms are free? Click here for a list of FEDERAL forms
Click here for a list of STATE forms

MyFreeTaxes Free File

What to do if you are seeing a charge? If your AGI is less than $66,000 and all of your federal and state forms are supported, but you are sill seeing a fee:

  • First check to see if they see the MyFreeTaxes logo on the top left of their screen (desktop) or center (mobile). If you don’t see the logo, (1) log out, (2) go to http://www.myfreetaxes.com, (3) click on “file now”, (4) log back in.
  • If you still see a fee prompt, contact the Support Team by filling out the form at: https://www.myfreetaxes.com/support. Members of the support team will get back to you to resolve the issue and ensure you do not need to pay a fee to file.



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